Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work Policy

TecnoFer’s Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work Policy develops according to the guidelines defined by the Management, aiming at ensuring the respect of the Environment and of Safety and Health at Work, as well as the fulfilment of the required standards.

TecnoFer SpA engages to:

  • provide effective and innovative services and products complying with the standards set by the customers, with the undersigned prescriptions, with the environmental legislation and regulations applicable to Safety and Health at work;
  • prevent any form of pollution deriving from its activities;
  • prevent any accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • improve continuously the management of Safety and Health at work and the related performances in order to achieve the highest standards of health and safety;
  • improve continuously the effectiveness and the performances of the Integrated Management System.

The Company's strategy is based on the following general aims:

  • to hold its position among the leading companies of its sector in the respect of specific principles relating to the Environment, the Safety and Health at work, the Customer satisfaction, the motivation of its Employees and the profitability of the Company;
  • to ensure constant technical and technological updating, including the use of high-tech equipment that reduce the impact on the environment related to the use of hazardous substances and all possible impacts on the surrounding environment (eg noise, dust emissions etc. );
  • to optimize the use of resources (including the control of energy consumption) and raw materials, and limit the use of plants with fluorinated greenhouse gases;
  • to pay constant attention to possible solutions to contain waste production;
  • to increase the operative control over the worksite.

The continuous development of a corporate culture aimed at the prevention and at the improvement guarantees the success of this Policy, through the optimisation of all resources.

The explicit commitment of the Management is to provide, at all levels, the means and the resources necessary to implement this Policy in a continuous and effective way and to achieve the related objectives.

The Management is strongly engaged in ensuring at all levels, the specific training necessary to implement the above listed principles.

The Management engages to divulgate and to promote the understanding of this Policy at every level of its structure.

This Policy is re-examined and, if necessary, revised and updated on the occasion of Management’s Review.


The Management